Hangyo: A Scoop of Success in the Ice Cream Heart of India

Do you remember the days of your childhood when the melodious chime of the neighborhood ice-cream vendor's bell would echo through your street? It was a time of boundless joy, where each scoop of creamy delight brought smiles, laughter, and a world of sweet indulgence.

Hangyo, the ice cream brand, endeavors to reignite those cherished memories with its exquisite range of high-quality ice creams that will leave you craving for more.

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The Genesis

Two decades ago, in 1997, two visionary brothers from the Pai family embarked on an ice cream odyssey. After a serendipitous encounter with a unique twist on ice cream during a visit to Australia, Dinesh Pai and Pradeep Pai had a dream that would eventually blossom into Hangyo.

The inaugural chapter of this saga unfolded on a magical Christmas Eve when Hangyo unveiled its first independent ice cream outlet at Saibeen Complex in the quaint town of Mangaluru.

The ‘Softee,’ Hangyo's maiden creation, quickly became an overnight sensation, igniting the spark of ambition. The Softee brought smiles to the faces of children while being an affordable treat for students and professionals alike.

From these modest beginnings, Hangyo has expanded its footprint across seven states, enchanting taste buds with exotic and wholesome flavors.

The Sweet Path to Triumph

Established in 2003, Hangyo Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd. has witnessed an unstoppable ascent, achieving an impressive turnover of 225 crores. Hangyo stands tall as the pioneering private sector company in India, encompassing every facet of milk and milk product manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

The company’s extensive network spans Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Goa. The retail network forms the backbone of Hangyo's success, with over 27,000+ retailers scattered across the regions it serves. The saga of Hangyo's success is a tribute to its tireless and dedicated team, ever forward in their stride.

Hangyo has earned over 350 channel partners, and 3 million customers who vouch for the brand.

Having already etched an indelible mark, Hangyo perfects its ice-cream products on the long highway of its journey. The brand's influence now spans all the Southern states of India, bestowing smiles upon towns and villages with names as exotic as its flavors. The next frontier is to explore untapped regions, where the giants have yet to tread.

Assurance of Quality

Hangyo's steadfast commitment is to deliver unwavering quality at affordable prices, a promise customers have come to rely upon.

The brand perpetually reimagines and rejuvenates itself, going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. As the portfolio expands, product quality soars to new heights, while diversity remains a constant companion.

At the heart of Hangyo's excellence lie two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, nestled in Heroor, Brahmavar, and Hosalli, Kirwatti. Together, these plants churn out over 100,000 liters of ice-creamy delight daily, with the Heroor facility processing a staggering 25,000 liters of milk and milk products daily.

Milk and Dairy Delights

Hangyo understands the unparalleled nutritional value of milk and milk products and is steadfast in maintaining the purity and quality of its offerings.

The product range encompasses premium quality, unadulterated fresh milk, alongside a diverse selection of dairy products catering to varied dietary and lifestyle needs.

Hangyo's ice cream collection is an embodiment of its philosophy, 'Sharing a smile.' It offers an expansive array of ice creams suited for all ages, brimming with diverse flavors and portion sizes.

From beloved classics like chocobars and cones to the opulent indulgence of its exotic range, Hangyo also extends its hand to those seeking guilt-free pleasures with a selection of natural ice creams, thoughtfully crafted without added sugar.

For devoted ice cream enthusiasts, Hangyo presents bulk packs tailored for both grand occasions and individual indulgence. With various sizes available for most flavors, there's a delightful treat for everyone at the party.

Reaching Hearts

The brand's commitment to corporate social responsibility shines through its diverse activities and outreach programs, including an annual inter-school cricket tournament in Mangaluru and the provision of scholarships to deserving champions.

To celebrate 15 years of Hangyo, special thematic flavors specific to regions were introduced. For Karnataka, Hangyo had dedicated an ice-cream flavor to the dear sweet of Karnataka, the rich Mysore Pak, and for Tamil Nadu, it was the Filter Kapi (Coffee in local parlance). Goa got the Peanut caramel flavor, and Shrikhand for Maharashtra, Payasam for Telangana, Qubani ka Meeta for Andhra Pradesh, and Coconut Thunder for Kerala.

Hangyo has also created the special Bhatkali ice-cream flavor which takes cues from Bhatkal’s traditional dessert recipe. This becomes the flavor of Ramzan in many parts of Karnataka.

Needless to say, all these flavors have been loved in the regional markets and made their way across the southern states.

Awards & Accolades

In the realm of ice-cream manufacturing, Hangyo stands as a citadel of quality and innovation. What began as a humble venture has swiftly evolved into a legendary name in the industry.

Hangyo's commitment to excellence was solidified when it claimed six prestigious awards in the 'Great Indian Ice Cream Contest 2017,' orchestrated by DuPont and the Indian Dairy Association. These accolades include Two Gold Medals for the Standard Vanilla Ice Cream and Cool Kids in the kids' category, Three Silver Awards for the Best Chocolate Category, Mango Sorbet in the Sorbet Category, and the Most Innovative in the Innovative Category. In addition, the company earned a Bronze Award for the Standard Vanilla Frozen Dessert Category.

The Unending Odyssey

With 21 years of steady growth etched in its history, Hangyo gazes optimistically toward the future. The brand envisions an era of innovation and expansion into uncharted territories, leveraging its existing network and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

The journey of Hangyo has been as exhilarating and delightful as its delectable ice creams. With an unwavering devotion to quality, innovation, and customer gratification, Hangyo is poised for even greater triumphs as it continues to spread smiles and sweet moments across the tapestry of India.

Brace yourself for the unveiling of exciting new products in the near future, for Hangyo's commitment to experimentation and positivity aligns harmoniously with its resounding slogan, "share a smile.”


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